Latin America Summit
Location: Mexico City

Building the future of payments.

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Date: September 12 to 15
Location: Mexico City

Building the future of business and ecommerce through payments innovation

Latin America Summit is the must event about business and payments from Latin America to the world and from the world to emerging markets. Every year we bring together some of the greatest experts on the market to talk about the ecommerce opportunities for global companies expanding to potential markets, and, specially, we discuss how payments contribute to business growth.


The 2022 edition features three days jam‑packed with inspiring discussions about the future of business through payment innovation. A fantastic line‑up of experts will share their expertise and insights on the hottest topics in the payments industry, from new regulatory frameworks and real‑time payments to the digital revolution fueling e‑commerce and super apps wannabe in the region.

The revolution of digital payments in LatAm

As fintechs lead the digital commerce revolution in LatAm, major global payment companies such as Visa and Mastercard are developing new multi‑rail networks to go way beyond their core businesses. Alternative payment methods, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solutions, real‑time and crypto‑based payments: we'll cover the cutting edge of current payment technologies and show you what's to come.

How regulators and fintech companies are moving the needle of financial inclusion

The last two pandemic years have sped up the process of digitization and financial inclusion in Latin America. Some local stats in countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia show that there are, in fact, more people with access to financial services. But how much have regulators and the private sector moved forward with the ultimate goal of digitizing cash? We'll take a deep dive into this matter with a little help from experts and executives of top LatAm companies.

From micropayments to high tickets strategies: the opportunities that follow the increasing complexity of the payments industry

After a decade shaped by mobile penetration and alternative payment methods, e‑commerce in Latin America is now driven by user experience and instantaneity. And this goes through the payments industry, where multiple alternatives aiming at increasing revenues are no longer a trend but a must.

Welcome to the recurrence era

It is already safe to say that we are living in the recurrence era. Everyone seeks that perfect and seamless user experience, from streaming services to gaming companies. The idea is simple: subscribing to a service must be as easy as texting or talking to someone – and, of course, safe. Alternative payment methods bundled into pay‑as‑you‑go options are crucial to achieving success in this new era in LatAm. We'll show you how some of the best companies are doing this.

How real‑time payments are changing e‑commerce in Latin America for good

There's nothing more fluid in payments than completing a transfer in less than a second, free of charge, and with just a few clicks on your smartphone. That's exactly the delivered promise of PIX, Brazil's instant payments system which launched in 2020, as well as other initiatives in Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

The future of gaming is mobile, and Latin America is the unmistakable evidence

The mobile experience pushed online gaming to another degree of access in Latin America: more than half of the Latin American online population – or over 273 million people – play mobile games, according to Newzoo, the leading global provider of games and esports analytics. The region has more mobile gamers than the United States, and cloud‑based gaming has the potential to break new barriers for Latin American gamers. Everyone is now a potential player!

The game‑changers of digital commerce in LatAm

A handful of successful business cases that are disrupting e‑commerce in the region across different sectors. 

Complete agenda to be confirmed soon



The opportunity to discover how incredible the Mexican culture is

Mexico City is a vibrant city, full of unique places to visit, good cuisine to try, and great people to meet.

The Latin America Summit will take place some days before Mexico’s Independence Day (the country’s major holiday), meaning CDMX will be full of cultural attractions.


We want to make your stay and journey to and from Mexico City as pleasant as possible. Once your attendance is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details.

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The best about business and payments in Latin America

Since 2017, EBANX Summit has created opportunities for companies to expand their business across the region and for everyone who believes Latin America is the must‑go place for business. So much has changed in the payment and e‑commerce industry in Latin America since then! Our Summits keep up with this evolution.

EBANX's CEO João Del Valle speaking


EBANX Summit

In the second edition of the Summit, we gathered experts to talk about the political forecasts and the elections' possible impacts on the economy and sales, the state of e‑commerce in Brazil and Mexico, and payments trends. 

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Latin America Summit

Over 230 executives from global companies joined us in 2019 for the third edition of the Latin America Summit in Rio de Janeiro. For almost a week, attendees got into insightful content, workshops, and networking. This edition focused on cross‑border payments and cross‑border consumption and how the barriers between Latam countries and the rest of the world are getting smaller and smaller when it comes to business. 

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Online Edition

Latin America Summit

Brought in two chapters, the 2020 Summit looked at the status of the Latin American e‑commerce market and its powerful relevance in the global scenario and the new financial landscape in the region, deeply impacted by the digitization of consumption and payment methods due to the pandemic.

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